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Welcome to the SIX Developer Portal, your gateway to seamless financial integration. Discover our powerful APIs, providing secure, scalable, and standardized access to the Swiss financial ecosystem. Connect with partners, access comprehensive financial data, and unlock valuable market insights.
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Shared API Catalog

Experience unparalleled access to financial data and services with the Shared SIX API Catalog. Our extensive range of APIs ensures effortless integration and superior market intelligence. Optimize your operations with innovative solutions designed for seamless connectivity and enhanced performance.


The SIX Web API allows easy access to the financial data universe of SIX through a single API. Built using common data standards, it leverages modern web technologies to enable easy integration, fast processing and critically is cost effective.


bLink is the best link to open banking in Switzerland.

Connect with all your current and future partners and exchange financial data in a highly standardized, scalable and secure way. 


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